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Do you know deep inside you're not living the full and happy life you could be but however hard you try, you can't seem to work out what to do about it? Are you desperate for change but low self-worth and fear keep stopping you in your tracks? Is stress increasingly affecting your health and well-being or unwanted habits keeping you from feeling free and in charge of your life?
If any of this sounds depressingly familiar, do something for yourself – right now! 
Book a free discovery chat and let's talk about how can help you ... you have nothing to lose  but your distress! 
My passion is to help all my clients overcome their personal demons and the life challenges they face and move on to live a great life. I'm an Accredited Master Coach, Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner and Health Coach trained by some of the top Master Trainers, Coaches and Hypnotherapists on the planet. I have over twenty-five years experience in helping people to transform their lives – to become clear, confident, self-assured, filled with unshakable self-belief and free to create a life they love to wake up to, every day. I look forward to helping you do the same.                                                                                                                                

Together we get to the core and the root of your issues right from the start and you become crystal clear about what's been holding you back and keeping you stuck and stressed. With that clarity you are empowered to conquer your fears, let go of old redundant habits, make new choices and take action to bring about the positive change you are looking for. You will feel increasingly authentic, confident, vibrant and alive as you achieve what you really want in your personal, professional and creative life. Whether you choose Rapid Transformational Therapy or Coaching - or a combination of both - depends on your issues and personal  needs and preferences. Book a discovery call and we can talk about what suits you best.

Embracing many of the positive aspects of hypnotherapy but going far beyond it, RTT is an entirely new, cutting edge therapeutic approach that works fast and permanently to clear any unconscious blocks in the way of your happiness and freedom

Coaching and RTT for:



Low self esteem

Low confidence

Achieving goals



Money blocks

Anger and rage

Public speaking

Poor sleep

Driving test and exam success

Feeling unlovable, not enough

Weight issues

Emotional and binge eating


Premenstrual Mood issues

Unwanted habits and addictions

Health issues

Panic attacks

Pain control

Skin issues

Public speaking

Improve memory, focus, concentration

If you don't see your particular issue or concern above, please inquire

Success Stories

Alex Light 

Owner As One


For much of my life I've been dealing with limiters in my professional life, and personal barriers that have stopped me enjoying a world I know is there. In the past I've used short term 'fixes' to succeed or navigate these ... it's left me burned out and at times depressed.  Coming at this with limited understanding of the type of solution I needed, I searched for someone who would start by just listening. Charya listened and heard me. Charya, RTT and her regular support has made a significant impact on my everyday happiness. I feel equipped to deal with the bumps in the road, and with regular sessions I get to address where I will improve and feel better. Charya has helped me with both short term tactics and a long term view that helps me access a positive mindset and a new toolkit to be more 'Me'. It's a process and a journey; but if if you want more clarity, deeper contentment and motivation to improve, then I couldn't recommend time with Charya more.

J. Perry 


London, UK


I had undergone some big changes in my life when I met Charya, and was feeling uncertain about where I was headed, and what I was doing.  She was the perfect antidote during this time of chaos, and provided me with some much needed wisdom, and above all, support.  Charya's manner is down to earth, full of compassion, understanding and humanity.   She is boundaried, but also not afraid to share her own personal experiences, which created tremendous rapport and gave me a greater perspective and understanding of my own experience.  I cherish my time with her, recommend her wholeheartedly.

G. Santinelli

   Actor. Singer. Writer. Coach

Los Angeles, CA


Coaching with Charya Hilton is an experience second to none. She is a beautiful human being, inside and out, and her love, respect and compassion for her fellow human beings is present in every move she makes. Her inspiring, spiritually-grounded energy is worth the price of admission ... and then, her advanced coaching skillset takes it all to the next level. She's continued to be  champion of mine, long after I moved back to the States. I very much appreciate her ongoing support and belief in me (most especially during those tough times when I did not believe in myself). Highly, highly recommended.​

T. Montane

Author, Poet, Artist, Designer

Cornwall, UK


I had an RTT session with Charya which was quite surprising as I had thought I knew quite a bit about the issue I wanted to work on but what happened was unexpected.  Charya was very calm and understanding and I felt safe and taken care of.  She had obviously listened carefully to what came up for me and tailored the recording she gave me  perfectly to address those issues. She remained unflustered by all the deep and quite disturbing content of my session and I left feeling empowered and having had some powerful insights.

There have been emotional effects - I feel stronger, more confident and more resolute - and unexpected physical effects on the way I move and even speak. I've got more drive  and I am coping well with the stresses of my life. I look forward to seeing where all this energy will take me in my life, career and creativity.

Alexandre  Tahir

Cornwall. UK


When I met Charya let's say I was in a VERY difficult place. After three months of RTT and coaching with her I can say without a doubt that my life has been completely transformed. She helped me to get back on track, set myself free from what was holding me back in order to get the life I've always wanted. More than a coach or a therapist, she'll become your friend as time goes on. Her understanding and punchy approach gave me everything I needed. I HIGHLY recommend!!

Val  Longhurts

Cornwall. UK


Charya I'm so delighted at how much better I feel since our RTT session. My diet is completely different  - no bad stuff. It's almost like it's a physical impossibility to put gluten or dairy into my mouth! I'm amazed! Also I got the results of my MRI scan yesterday and it showed just slightly above average inflammation levels and no sign at all of inflammatory bowel disease. Remarkable what a change in diet can do isn't it? Thank you so much. I feel great.

U.  M

   Newquay. Cornwall. UK

Charya is really empathetic and  understanding and she made me feel calm, at easy and comfortable to be able to open up and explore my issues in a safe non-judgmental way. I was unsure whether to open up and be truthful about an issue that I have had for a long period of time. As soon as I arrived Charya made me feel welcome and at ease. I found it really emotional and powerful. With in 2 weeks I have changed my way of thinking and have started to see positive changes. Massive thank you Charya 

E. Macey

Dancer. Yoga Teacher. Business Owner

Windsor & Cornwall, UK


Charya has played a major part in my healing. I was confused, emotional and unsure how I was going to make the changes I knew I needed to make. After working with Charya I now feel excited about my next life chapter and confident in the decisions I've made during our sessions together. I love Charya's relaxed and conversational facilitation style. She brings real life experiences to the sessions with humour and integrity making me feel relaxed and safe to open up. I'd highly recommend  visiting Charya – she will make you think and maybe cry (in a good way) and feel inspired to make positive changes.

Lisa Shaw

Owner The Green Heart Cafe

Newquay. Cornwall, UK


A big shout out to Charya. Being a stubborn mule it's taken me years to accept that I had some emotional scarring from my past that was blocking me in so many ways that I couldn't  work out what was happening any more, Using a mix of Rapid Transformational Therapy and coaching, Charya managed to dig deep and rewire my thinking which set me on a pathway that has now meant, for the first time ever, I'm finding out who I really am.

Life changing, professional, confidential and friendly are just some of the words that come to mind when I think of Charya. I would recommend her to literally anybody that is struggling with anything from anxiety to weight loss issues. Charya I cannot thank you enough.

Rose D.

Cornwall. UK


Hi Charya. I just wanted to let you know I'm feeling great after my RTT session. I'm really happy and confident. I went to the  access to finance business networking seminar today - and networking is the thing I usually dread most about these events - but this time I was able to talk to several different people and even initiated a few conversations myself. Amazing. I feel so different. Thank you so much.


Cornwall. UK


Thank you so much. How exciting.Since my RTT session I've had a great summer totally migraine free. I just wanted to say what you have done is brilliant, it has worked, made me believe in myself and given me the power to get through the challenges of everyday life. So thank you so much for everything, it has been amazing, really amazing.


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