Feeling Stuck, Stressed Out, Procrastinating?

Do you know deep inside you're not living the full and happy life you could be but however hard you try, you can't seem to work out what to do about it? Are you desperate for change but low self-worth and fear keep stopping you in your tracks? Is stress increasingly affecting your health and well-being or unwanted habits and behaviours keeping you from feeling free and in charge of your life?
If any of this sounds depressingly familiar, do something for yourself – right now! 
Book a free discovery chat and let's talk about how can help you ... you have nothing to lose  but your distress! 
My passion is to support all my clients to overcome the challenges they face and move on to live a great life. I'm an Accredited Master Coach, Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner and Health Coach trained by some of the top Master Trainers, Coaches and Hypnotherapists on the planet. I have over twenty-five years experience in helping people to transform their lives – to eliminate any blocks that stand in their way and become clear, confident, self-assured and free to create a life they love to wake up to, every day. I look forward to helping you do the same.                                                                                                                                 

Together we get to the core and the root of your issues right from the start and you become crystal clear about what's been holding you back and keeping you stuck and stressed. With that clarity you are empowered to conquer your fears, let go of old redundant habits, make new choices and take action to bring about the positive change you are looking for. You will feel increasingly authentic, confident, vibrant and alive as you achieve what you really want in your personal, professional and creative life. Whether you choose Coaching or Rapid Transformational Therapy - or a combination of both - depends on your issues and personal preferences. Book a discovery call and we can discuss what suits you best.

A great life is your birthright! 

Embracing many of the positive aspects of hypnotherapy but going far beyond it, RTT is an entirely new, cutting edge therapeutic approach that works fast and permanently to clear any unconscious blocks in the way of your happiness and freedom

Coaching and RTT for:



Low self esteem

Low confidence

Achieving goals


Public speaking

Poor sleep

Weight issues


Emotional and binge eating 

Habits and addictions

Stop smoking

Pain control

Skin issues

Driving test and exam success

Success Stories

J. Perry


London, UK

I had undergone some big changes in my life when I met Charya, and was feeling a little uncertain about where I was headed, and what I was doing.  She was the perfect antidote during this time of chaos, and provided me with some much needed wisdom, and above all, support.  Charya's manner is down to earth, full of compassion, understanding and humanity.   She is boundaried, but is also not afraid to share some her own personal experiences, which created tremendous rapport and gave me a greater perspective and understanding of my own experience.  I cherish my time with her, recommend her whole heartedly.


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