Stop obsessing about your body
Step off the diet treadmill
Feel totally at ease around food
Release weight naturally, healthily
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boost your confidence sky high
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You know deep inside your food and weight struggles are holding you back from living the full, successful and happy life you long for but however hard you try, you just can't work out what to do about it. You feel stuck, depressed and hopeless.

  • You're totally fed up with trying everything and nothing ever working; you're successful at everything you put your mind to except this - and it's dragging you down

  • You wake up every morning wondering if this will be a 'good day', a day when you don't binge or overeat, or a 'bad' one when you do 

  • You're sick of being conscious of your weight all the time; you make an effort to always look good but secretly never feel at ease in your clothes

  • You feel out of control around food; your eating problems drain the joy from your life

  • You feel guilty and ashamed of your food trip; your relationships, your work, your family, your kids suffer because you feel so bad about yourself

  • You've got the 'If they knew what I'm really like' syndrome so you're always on guard

  • You dread going to parties, social events and meetings because you fear other people will judge you by the way you look


Any of this sound familiar? Well I know how it feels. I've been there.

I struggled with weight issues, body dysmorphia and all kinds of disordered eating for over 20 years and even though I was an accomplished teacher, group leader and trainer my eating behaviour and how I felt about my body and my weight ruined relationships, severely affected my happiness and undermined my self-confidence. In fact it limited my life and my success in every way. I tried everything to change, to stop food ruling my life, but nothing worked long term - until I finally cracked the code!

Nothing had worked because I'd been coming at it from the wrong angle.  The secret to having an easy, comfortable relationship with food and my body - and shedding my excess weight permanently - was two fold: I needed to explore what was subconsciously driving me to binge and overeat and also dare to drop dieting and trust that the intuitive, natural intelligence of my body would take me to my ideal, healthy weight. 


Applying this two level approach my eating gradually normalised, my weight slowly, gently and safely dropped to a healthy size for me and stayed there, my self-esteem rocketed and I got my power back.  Success at last! I left my job, retrained as a therapist and coach and for over 25 years I've helped women free themselves from food and weight prison and I'd love to help you do the same.


 end COMPULSIVE eating and YO-YO dieting for good
reset Your relationship with food
reprogramme your mind to maintain a healthy weight naturally and forever

Free Hypnosis Recording: Wire Your Subconscious Mind for Food Freedom 

If you're sick and tired of food and weight problems undermining your confidence and getting in the way of your happiness and success, I'm your woman. I developed my Food Freedom System from personal experience of what really works and extensive professional training.


Over 25 years of working in this field, I've become an expert in helping women stop dieting, learn how to trust their body and its natural intuition, to enjoy food with pleasure and without guilt, to stabilise at a weight that is healthy for them and feel totally comfortable in their bodies and around food. To be free to get on with creating the wonderful life they really deserve.


And you know the best thing? It doesn't take years of therapy. When you dare to go for it, you can change your life rapidly and permanently in just a few months!


Book a free chat and let's talk about how I can help you break free too.

Are you ready to change your life?
Just imagine, in a few months you could ...

  • Genuinely enjoy food without obsessing about it
  • Learn how to trust and tune in to your own body wisdom and what's healthy for you!
  • Eat when you're hungry, stop when you're full and then feel pretty indifferent about food and eating until you're hungry again
  • Effortlessly release your excess weight - and keep it off for good
  • Maintain a healthy, happy relationship with food and your body
  •  Feel fabulous in your clothes - and without them
  • Stop worrying about how you look; relax, enjoy yourself and shine
  •  Regain your confidence and self-belief; love being visible, showing who you really are and how far you can go 
  • Gain peace of mind, get your power back - and get on with creating a life you love to wake up to every day!

Why wait?
You've tried everything and nothing's worked.
Your weight and food trip is still holding you back and stopping you fulfilling your potential.
In just a few months your life could be radically different ...


Sasha. Commercial Manager
Windsor. UK

Before I started working with Charya I felt really stuck in the habits and behaviours I had at the time. I was yo-yo dieting, I felt overweight, always the fat one in the room. I felt sluggish slow and unhealthy. I was grasping at different techniques, trying this trying that, but nothing was working. Then I attended a workshop Charya ran on why diets don't work and it really resonated with me. The whole buying into a diet, then failing, then feeling guilty and always starting afresh but never making any progress. I wanted to see if I could lose weight this new way Charya was talking about. I've lost weight in the past and I wanted to feel that happier, healthier mood again and to find out how I could shift that stuck feeling for good.

The two things that really made a difference for me were firstly understanding why I was holding onto my weight - why it was serving me to hold onto it - and then to be able to let it go was the key thing. Then secondly, through listening to Charya’s hypnosis recordings, feeling better about myself and my body and really letting go of any old ideas I had about how I can't lose weight and I'm stuck in this forever. Realising that I can feel fabulous. And now, just after working with Charya for just three months so far I've lost about 17lbs. It's the most I've lost in years.

It’s been really easy actually - initially letting go of the guilt and it's not even part of my life anymore and from there it’s just being about tweaking how I eat, getting in tune with my hunger and I haven't had that constant thinking about food that you normally get when you're dieting.

I felt quite relaxed about food from quite early on in my programme even though I hadn't lost weight. My body confidence went up and I just started to feel better about my body anyway and the more I lose it reinforces that feeling. It’s all been so much easier than I thought it would be a lot of the old habits I had I just don't have them anymore.

And this process has also impacted my life in ways I didn't expect and the key things is about putting myself first. Through this process I've got stronger in my own voice and what I want and what's good for me - and whether that's food or how I want to live my life I've made lots of big changes even in terms of being social. Before I wouldn’t have been social because I felt unworthy and self-conscious but now I just go out. I just turn up. I just have fun. I'm not thinking about what if I look really fat all that sort of stuff. I'm just doing it and I've had no end of compliments in the last few months about how good I'm looking.

 In the space of a few months everything has changed. My beliefs about my body, my weight, and my health have all changed. The whole thing has just been about letting go.

 Charya is really approachable and human. I didn't feel any judgement. I didn't feel like I was on a programme I felt like I was talking to a friend who's giving me these golden nuggets to go away and work on and that's been lovely and the hypnosis recordings Charya made for me have been brilliant and as important as having the sessions. Charya’s voice is insanely relaxing and each one was a reaffirmation of what I'm trying to manifest and let go of. The whole thing has been about letting go and I have made a lot of progress in a very short amount of time.


Julie. Life Coach
Berkshire. UK

After a lifetime of disordered and compulsive eating I have finally and joyfully found a solution. After years of trying to control my eating and failing again and again I now feel completely comfortable and in-control around food - and my life!

How? With the help and expertise of Charya. During my programme Charya worked to completely understand my eating patterns and then tailored content to address my specific needs. During the Deep Dive sessions I finally uncovered the root causes of my dysfunctional destructive behaviours, we then worked to reframe and heal those issues. The strategies and techniques included in her programme are a support toolkit to keep forever.

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from me and I am finally free from the inner battle that has been present and preventing me from living my potential my whole adult life. Charya is a compassionate, experienced and talented therapist and coach who can, if you are ready, help you finally resolve and heal your relationship with food and your body.

Blond Woman

Natasha. Social Worker
Cornwall. UK

I know it's been about two years now but I thought I'd let you know that your support was the beginning for me. Since then I have not dieted, I have not weighed myself obsessively, I have not tracked food, I have found a love of exercise for how it makes me feel, not for aesthetics, and in two years I have only had a couple of binge eating episodes (that lasted mere hours, not the days/weeks that they used to because before I would think oh well,  that's the diet ruined and end up in a spiral of shame eating).

I just wanted to let you know that because of you even when I have felt low I have not resorted to self hatred or trying to eat my way out of my feelings.  My confidence has soared. I feel great in my skin. My work is challenging but I'm going for promotion and presentations are exciting not daunting any more.

That is long term benefit and I wanted to say thank you.

Free Hypnosis Recording: Wire Your Subconscious Mind for Food Freedom