I'm Charya

I've been helping women lose weight and overcome chronic dieting, binge eating, and emotional and compulsive eating for over twenty five years. It's my absolute delight to help all my clients be permanently free from all their eating and body struggles and to go on to be the wonderful, powerful, creative, self-assured women they are meant to be.
My personal journey to freedom from my eating and weight issues began when I was in my early twenties. I was depressed, withdrawn, isolated, and deeply unhappy. I had been severely anorexic then subsequently switched into suffering the pain and guilt of secretive emotional eating and bulimia for years. I was overweight and hated it but couldn't stop dieting and then binge eating. I was caught in a vicious cycle and desperately searching for something that would help me overcome my problems and show me how to live a happy, healthy life. 
As an anorexic I was in hospital for months on end. That didn't heal my pain and distress. I came out and rapidly became bulimic. I ballooned from five and a half stones (35 Kg/77 lbs) to almost fifteen stones (95 Kg/ 210 lbs) in one year. I had a massive problem indeed. I saw doctors, psychiatrists, was prescribed all kinds of diets and diet pills. Nothing worked for long. Now and then I thought I'd cracked it. I would stop binge eating and starving for a few days, lose a bit of weight, but then I would blow it and start all over again. That went on for years and years. It was my dirty little secret as I managed to convince everyone along the way, including doctors, that I ate like a bird. I only ever binged in secret and even my husband didn't know what I was up to so I had the added burden of feeling such a liar and sham. I dreaded being found out.
I was almost at breaking point when a miracle happened. I heard of new group for emotional eaters being run by Susie Orbach (of Fat is a Feminist Issue fame) and I plucked up the courage to go along.​ It was my first breakthrough and I kept on going. I was among friends, I wasn't alone. I wasn't a hopeless case. I wasn't mad. I wasn't a freak. I had big issues yes, but I began to understand through the therapeutic work we did that I could be free from the despair I was enduring if I was prepared to explore what was causing my eating behaviour and to dare to express my feelings. I dedicated myself to finding out all I could about the root causes of my eating habit, who I really was and who I could be. I went on a personal journey of self discovery. I let go of my disordered eating, gradually let go of the weight too and realised I wanted to help other women to be free too.


I experienced and trained in various kinds of personal growth work and individual and group therapy. I joined a therapeutic community (with my family!), where I took on the post of assistant director and later travelled the world working as a therapist and group leader. I returned to the UK in 1996 where I graduated as a Primal Therapist, a Professional Performance Coach, NLP Practitioner, and Hypnotherapist. I established a successful coaching and hypnotherapy practice in London and created my first Freedom From Emotional Eating Programme.


Later I added the International Accreditation as a Master Coach,  became a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a Licenced Professional Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner - and my current Food Freedom Programme is a synthesis of everything I've learned professionally and personally throughout my journey. 

I moved to Cornwall. U.K in 2008 where I live by the sea. I work 1-2-1 from home on Zoom nationally and world-wide. 
Professional BIO
​Licenced Rapid Transformational Therapy Professional. MarisaPeer.com U.K
Certified Health Coach.  Institute of Integrative Nutrition. NY. USA
Accredited Master Coach IAPC&M. Level 5. Nicki and Tony Vee Master Coach Training. London. U.K 
Diploma in Performance Coaching.  EDI. Level 5. Simply Changing Ltd. U.K.
Certified  Eriksonian Hypnotherapist.  ABH. The NLP Academy. U.K
Licensed NLP Practitioner.  Richard Bandler/Paul McKenna McKenna Breen Ltd. U.K
Certified Primal Therapist.  Osho Gautama Humaniversity. Italy
Bachelor of Education (Hons) Metropolitan University. London. U.K
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