I'm Charya

I am an Internationally Accredited Master Coach, Certified Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner and Health Coach.  I came to coaching from a background in teaching, social work, psychotherapy and group leadership and I have been coaching for over twenty five years.  It's my life passion to help my clients create and live a life they love to wake up to every day.
My personal journey to self-fulfillment began when I was in my twenties. I was depressed, withdrawn, isolated, and deeply unhappy. Having been severely anorexic and then subsequently suffering the pain and guilt of secretive emotional eating and bulimia for years, I was desperately searching for something that would help me to overcome my problems and discover how I could live a happy, healthy life. 

Joining a self-help group for emotional eaters was my first breakthrough.  I began to understand that I could be free from the despair I was enduring if I was prepared to put in the work.  I dedicated myself to finding out all I could about who I really was and who I could be. I explored and trained in various kinds of personal growth work and individual and group therapy, eventually giving up my job to join a therapeutic community (with my family!), where I took on the post of assistant director.  Later I moved to a larger branch of the community in The Netherlands for another two years while completing my therapist training. After a spell travelling the world and working in various countries as a therapist and group leader, I returned to the UK.

In London I completed Professional Coaching, NLP, and Hypnotherapy Diplomas and created a successful coaching and hypnotherapy practice. As I want to offer my clients the benefit of the latest research and practice in coaching and well-being, I continued to upgrade my skills and received my Accreditation as a Master Coach, became a Certified Health Coach and qualified as a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner - a process I'm very excited by and which I offer in my coaching practice.
I moved to Cornwall in 2008  and when I'm not working, I love spending time with my family – I have two wonderful adult daughters and two grandsons I adore. I enjoy yoga, long walks, interior design, reading, charity work and fundraising. In the last four years I have walked over hot coals to raise money for a women's refuge in Cornwall, trekked the Great Wall of China for Cornwall Air Ambulance, volunteered with Care for Calais helping refugees in France, raised funds for the First Light Charity by running workshops here in Newquay and most recently I trekked up Snowdon's highest peak in pouring rain and heavy winds raising funds for the National Autistic Society UK.
I work 1-2-1 via Zoom/Skype nationally and world-wide. I also create various courses, lead groups, seminars and retreats.
My Credentials
​Certified Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner. MarisaPeer.com U.K
Accredited Master Coach IAPC&M. Level 5. Nicki and Tony Vee Master Coach Training. London. U.K 
Certified Health Coach: Emotional Eating Psychology.  Institute of Integrative Nutrition. NY. USA
Diploma in Performance Coaching.  EDI. Level 5. Simply Changing Ltd. U.K.
Certified  Eriksonian Hypnotherapist.  ABH. The NLP Academy. U.K
Licensed NLP Practitioner.  Richard Bandler/Paul McKenna McKenna Breen Ltd. U.K
Certified Primal Therapist.  Osho Gautama Humaniversity. Italy
Bachelor of Education (Hons) Metropolitan University. London. U.k
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