Break Free From Food and Weight Prison For Good!

free live 3 day workshop

may 11 - 13 19:00 GMT

for ambitious women desperate to be free of their food trip so they can shine

This workshop is for you if:..

  • Your food and weight struggles are holding you back from living the full, happy, successful life you long for but however hard you try, you just can't work out what to do about it

  • You're successful at everything you put your mind to except conquering your food and or weight problems - and it's dragging you down

  • You're sick of feeling out of control around food and being conscious of your weight all the time

What you will learn;

  • The secrets to ending dieting, emotional eating, binges and obsessing about your body so you can feel totally at ease around food, shed weight, keep it off forever - and get your power back!

  • Why willpower and dieting has never worked for you - and never will long term

  • How you've been doing nothing wrong, you're not a failure - it's just some pesky unconscious blocks and beliefs keeping you stuck in food and weight prison

  • How to clear those unconscious blocks, reboot your relationship with food and reprogramme your mind for food freedom and natural healthy weight loss - using a radical, live, deep dive hypnosis session to liberate the confident, successful you inside

  • Strategies and techniques to help you stop eating your feelings

  • How to create a motivating, exciting, magnetic vision of who you want to be that really works to get you to where you want to be!

Plus ...

* Self sabotage - what's that all about?

* The body speaks - so I don't have to?

* The biscuit exercise - you mean I'm allowed biscuits?

* Leave some for Susie - Susie who and why should I leave anything for her?

* WTF - my weight has been doing me a favour? No way!

And lots more!

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Sign up below to join and you're in! I cant' wait to meet you!


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