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Julie. Life Coach
Berkshire. UK


After a lifetime of disordered and compulsive eating I have finally and joyfully found a solution. After years of trying to control my eating and failing again and again I now feel completely comfortable and in-control around food - and my life!

How? With the help and expertise of Charya. During my programme Charya worked to completely understand my eating patterns and then tailored content to address my specific needs. During the RTT session I finally uncovered the root causes of my dysfunctional destructive behaviours, we then worked to reframe and heal those issues. The strategies and techniques included in her programme are a support toolkit to keep forever.

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from me and I am finally free from the inner battle that has been present and preventing me from living my potential my whole adult life. Charya is a compassionate, experienced and talented therapist and coach who can, if you are ready, help you finally resolve and heal your relationship with food and your body.


A big shout out to Charya. Being a stubborn mule it's taken me years to accept that I had some emotional scarring from my past that was blocking me in so many ways that I couldn't  work out what was happening any more.  I knew my eating and my weight was affecting my health and self-confidence but I felt stuck and couldn't find my way out.

Charya managed to dig deep and rewire my thinking which set me on a pathway that has now meant, for the first time ever, I'm finding out who I really am, what I really want to be, do and have in my life. Plus I lost 20 pounds into the bargain!

Life changing, professional, confidential and friendly are just some of the words that come to mind when I think of Charya. I would recommend her 3 month programme to literally anybody that is struggling with anything from anxiety to weight loss issues. Charya I cannot thank you enough.


When I first started working with Charya I felt very stuck. My weight was going up, depression was a constant threat and I wasn't sure how to proceed. 

I've had many years of different therapies and all have worked in their own way. I was pretty sure there wasn't anything more that Charya could help me to uncover and work with and I'm more than surprised that the sessions we have had have helped me to discover so much that has led me to a more peaceful and self-accepting space.

Charya works in a way that is subtle, respectful and filled with integrity. She knows what's she's doing and it shows. 

I am at a point right now in which changes are happening without great effort on my part. I am slowly but surely end effortlessly getting slimmer. I have more peace in my life and feel good. I love listening to the personalised recordings we made and just look forward to seeing greater changes in the future. I'm actually excited about life again. I highly recommend working with Charya.

Lisa. Artist. Community Cafe  Owner
Cornwall.  UK


Cynthia. Creative Artist. Designer 
London. UK


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Blond Woman

I know it's been about two years now but I thought I'd let you know that your support was the beginning for me. Since then I have not dieted, I have not weighed myself obsessively, I have not tracked food, I have found a love of exercise for how it makes me feel, not for aesthetics, and in two years I have only had a couple of binge eating episodes (that lasted mere hours, not the days/weeks that they used to because before I would think oh well,  that's the diet ruined and end up in a spiral of shame eating).

I just wanted to let you know that because of you even when I have felt low I have not resorted to self hatred or trying to eat my way out of my feelings.  My confidence has soared. I feel great in my skin. My work is challenging but I'm going for promotion and presentations are exciting not daunting any more.

That is long term benefit and I wanted to say thank you.

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Unice. Counsellor
Norfolk. UK


Natashe. Social Worker
Cornwall. UK


Charya is really empathetic and  understanding and she made me feel calm, at easy and comfortable to be able to open up and explore my issues in a safe non-judgmental way. I was unsure whether to open up and be truthful about an issue that I have had for a long period of time.

As soon as I arrived Charya made me feel welcome and at ease. I found it really emotional and powerful and within 2 weeks I changed my way of thinking and started to see positive changes in my eating habits.  After three months I feel stronger, much more relaxed about food and my body, I'm more confident at work - in fact I've changed my job, set up a part-time private counselling practice and I'm in training to be a family therapist. Something I would never have had the courage to do before. Massive thank you Charya.